Investor Tipster provides you the most accurate and best real-time free forex signals. We monitor the market, global newswire and combined with technical analysis. We provide signals on 28+ currency pairs and commodities like gold and oil. You can easily access our free forex signal page. Sometimes we provide signal before economic news publish so that you can grab good pips in a short period of time.

For technical analysis, we use price action, swing trade, and wave analysis. For fundamental analysis, we use economic indicators, global newswires, central bank’s monetary policy and other marker mover data’s.

N:B: Forex trading always carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade forex, carefully consider your investment objectives and follow money management.

Forex Free Signals - Active

Date & Time Currency Pair Buy / Sell Stop Loss Take Profit Status Action
22-August-2019USD/CAD Sell at 1.33001.34501.3000Active
22-AugustNZD/JPY Buy at 67.8866.5070.00Active
6-August-2019USD/JPY Buy at 105.80NO SL Closed at 106.40+60 pips
6-August-2019AUD/CHF Buy at 0.6573
One more Buy Limit at 0.6520
No SL Closed at 0.665077 +130 = 207 pips
31-July-2019 AUD/USD Buy at 0.6864
One more buy at 0.6770
0.6500Open Active
31-July-2019 Nzd/usdBuy at 0.65950.6400Open Active
31-July-2019 AUD/NZDBuy Limit at 1.0350

Another Buy Limit at 1.0300
1.0175Closed at 1.0600300+ 250 = 550 pips

Forex Free Signals - Closed

Currency Pair Buy / Sell Closed athit TP/SLProfit / Loss
GBP/USDBuy at 1.2580
1.2370SL- 210 pips
AUD/JPYBuy at 74.5073.70SL-80 Pips
AUD/JPYBuy at 71.8072.40TP+60 pips
NZD/CAD Buy at 0.86580.8700TP+42 pips
NZD/JPY Buy at 69.5070.00TP50+ pips
GOLDSell at 12701460TP+100 pips
AUD/CAD Buy at 0.894390.00TP+57 pips
AUD/NZDBuy at 1.04001.0475TP+ 75 pips

Forex Free Signals – Results

588+ Pips Done Form 13th July to 24th July
221+ Pips Done Form 27th July to 12th June
761+ Pips Done form 11th June to 26th June
486+ Form 13th May To 10th June
415+ Pips Form 7th May To 13th May
400+ Pips Form 23rd May to 7th April

Our Other Services

Investor Tipster compliance with the latest quality standards and an aim to develop. Providing clients with maximum opportunities.



  • Daily 4-5 signals
  • Major Pairs
  • Cross Pairs
  • Minimum 1000 Pips




  • Minimum Deposit $1500
  • Performance report
  • Less Then 15% Draw Down
  • Minimum 20% Profit




  • Minimum Deposit $10000
  • Maximum Draw Down 10%
  • Less Risk Big Profit Down
  • Any ECN Brokers Accept




  • Fundamental Analysis
  • Technical Analysis
  • Money Management
  • Stock & Bond


What Our Clients Say

Investor Tipster Signals Paid Clients Never Miss A Winning Trade. Receive Our Signals In Real Time Through Telegram Messenger and E-mail. If You Are Too Busy To Trade Than Use Our Copy Trading Service. If Your Fund Is Big But You Are Not Prepared To Take Risk We Are Offering You For Fund Management Service. If You Want To Be Professional Our Education Service Would Be Best For You.

Customers success stories

Learn how they used Investor Tipster's Service

Looking at the history of your trading results as well as since I joined you I can say that you are the most consistent and the best around! Great job Investor Tipster.

Mariana Lima


Your paid signals have shown me before that you succeeded and killed the market all the time. Specially at live news trading.

George Phan


I have calculated my own, every week in two/three news trading season I earn 300+ pips. And it’s consistent. The more news more profit. Thanks Investor Tipster.

Kevin Muller


The matter I like most of your paid signals you share your thought and analysis. Why you want to take this trade. I can also learn from it. Thanks again.

Sandra Boom


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