About Us

We are a group of team and have been trading since 2008. After a long period of trading experience, we founded Investor Tipster in 2017. Investor Tipster has been the go-to source for professional and retail traders from around the globe and specialized in commodities trading specially in Gold, Silver and Oil.

Our core belief is that all traders want relevant and succinct trading information, Signal, Education, Fund Management, Daily Market Analysis, and we deliver it 24 hours a day. Every day we aim to be faster and clearer. Investor Tipster has the fastest team of FX analysts anywhere. Our professional team members collect fundamental news and combine it with price action technical analysis and market sentiment.

Our professional team explains everything, why you should Buy and Sell. We provide signals with entry price, stop loss and take profit. The trading signals are sent thru the telegram channel, and the online class is taken thru the zoom.us terminal. We have different types and duration of courses. You can choose from them what is suitable for you.

If you have different strategies and are willing to make EA, indicators, or tools, we also code for you based on your strategies with the minimum service charge. We also manage funds. Our goal is to achieve monthly 7/20 percent profit with less than 10 percent drawdown. We are concerned about our client’s funds. So, we don’t take many risks. We don’t trade often unless we get suitable trade opportunities.

We don’t work with currency pairs. We especially focus on commodities like Gold, Silver and Oil. We also work for the American And Saudi Arabian Stock markets for longer-term investment.

Best Management Team

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Habiba Himu



CEO, Softhouse

Harun Rahman

CEO, Softhouse

RFL Boss

CEO, Softhouse